If your pet goes missing, it can be hard to think clearly through the worry and fear over what might have happened to your beloved companion. Here’s the good news: there are some wonderful resources out there to help you be reunited with your lost pet. Time is a critical factor, so don’t wait to see if Fluffy or Fido finds their way home- begin your search and get the word out now!

The first resource I would direct you to is Missing Pet Partnership, which is dedicated to the research and training of volunteers and pet detectives in the science and techniques of finding lost pets. Their recovery tips section is full of useful tips to help you look for your missing pet.

Call your local shelter, animal control, and police or sheriff. The Dubuque Regional Humane Society keeps a log of all missing pets reported to them as well as all found pets reported to them. Call and check if your pet might have come in- the sooner, the better! Also, go out to the shelter to check in person to make sure if your pet is there. 

If you would like a consultation for help in making flyers or help in searching for your missing pet, call Mel to set up an appointment.